Regardless where and under which conditions, the problem seen in all touristic regions and common problem is unfortunately expensiveness in our World. This problem is available in all sectors such as from accommodation to the food and beverage, from transportation to the gift wares and health expenses. By any means, every commercial enterprise which is taken any kind of tourism service is made cost control. Also in health and insurance sector, nowadays it became so important under brutal competition conditions. Also, Turkey is one of problematic countries on Tourism Health for insurance companies for many years. Actually, the service quality of private hospitals is raised in tourism regions of Turkey with developing technologies and investments nowadays. However, it has also brought to provide expensive services attendantly. In order to bring under control, foreign insurance/ assistant companies that are get service from Turkey for many years are used numerous methods such as local TPA usage, working directly with hospitals, repayment system. However, as in every country, also Turkey has its own internal dynamics, working principles and assessment criteria. Naturally, these conditions are become comes obscure or complex for foreigners from time to time. Due to these reasons, when starting this work, we are go ahead to solve sectorial problems in accurate, clear and honest manners. By using our experiences that we got as results of our studies in international or local companies approximately for 17 years, we are tried to be fellow traveller or solution partner for our customers. We are given MCC service to our customers in contracted health care provider. Our difference from the assistance company, we are given information to our customer after doing necessary studies on behalf of our customers and agreeing with hospitals/clinics. Then, our customers are sent GOP to the hospitals/clinics directly and they are sent their invoices to the related companies.


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  • Because; MCC team consisted from 4 doctors, 3 lawyers, 1 nurse and 2 medical secretaries specialized and experienced on their subjects.

  • Because; our team is consisted of doctors serving on MCC to either international assistance and insurance companies or local assistance or insurance companies in this sector for many years.

  • Because; our dialogues with contracted health care provider are based on many years and very well mutual confidence environment,

  • Because; we know all problems between both assistance and insurance companies with hospitals and between each other very well.

  • Because; we don’t have any knowledge and experience to be hidden, kept or not shared.

Our Management Team

MCCTurkey team is a group of  professionals

Koray Tarımcı, MD, PhD

Koray Tarımcı who was medical director, general manager and executive board member in local and foreign insurance / assistance companies in Turkey more than 20 years is also worked as doctor for 33 years and as sports physician for 26 years.

Alpaslan Arık
Senior Lawyer

Lawyer Alpaslan Arik is a lawyer for 28 years and is serviced in his own office for 24 years. His professional field are Commercial Law, Enforcement Law, Medical Law and Hospital Law, he is conducted attorney services of major hospitals in Turkey.


Our Network


Hospitals and our clinics network over 100 in tourism regions and metropolitans.